Sailor 7222 VHF DSC Class A

Exceeding standards set by IMO regulation for GMDSS Class A VHF, the August 2021 introduced Bridge Alert Management IMO resolution MSC.302(87), as well as IEC 62923-1 & IEC 62923-2, the SAILOR 7222 VHF DSC Class A is a robust platform for when clear communication could make the difference between a nonevent or a major incident.

NOTE: Mounting accessories MUST be ordered separately.
Polaris Electronics has developed two kits, containing mounting accessories, NMEA cable, converter antenna cables from PL259 to TNC etc.
Please see POL 7222 U-MOUNT, U-Mount Installation kit guide 7222 and POL 7222 FLUSH, Flush Mount Installation kit guide 7222

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