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Our core competences

One of our core competences is service. We are able to solve any job within maritime communication and navigation, always with a high service standard in mind.

We put great emphasis on the fact that our technicians need to have the knowledge to perform the task we are given, and therefore it is extremely important to us that they are educated and certified in all the products we provide.

We are able to arrange service globally – by our own technicians but also by technicians via our network.

We are among the biggest providers of maritime electronics equipment, and our strength is that we are always able to offer day to day delivery, since we keep a stock of 98 % of all the products in our portfolio.

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Service Brochure
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Remote Service/Polaris Quick Support

If an error occurs on the equipment on board, in many cases we will be able to solve the problem by guiding the crew, so that a technician will not unnecessarily go on board.

We provide a service called ”Polaris Quick Support” – With a program we are able to log on to the unit and detect possible errors and possibilities for a solution. This way you can avoid unplanned maintenance, minimize service cost and eventually reduce your total cost of operation.

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