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Only Iridium

Would you like to make cheaper calls to and from Denmark via Iridium? Then the solution is to sign up for Polarsat, an earth station driven by Polaris Electronics A/S. You will be able to reduce the price with approximately 80%, because you are saving the traffic all the way to Iridium’s earth station in the USA.

This is how it works: (VOICE ONLY)

Calling from Iridium

  • Your invoice will show the call Iridium to Iridium (earth station) and the call from Polarsat to home/office.

Calling to Iridium

  • Calling from home or office your own telephone company will charge the call made to the Polarsat. The redirecting of the call from Polarsat to the Iridium phone will be invoiced from Polaris Electronics A/S.


  • A direct call from home or office will be charged by YOUSEE at DKK 43,75/minute.
  • The price calling Polarsat to Iridium is $ 0,75/minute, and by an exchange rate of 599,11, you will be charged DKK 4,49/minute.
  • Prices/exchange rate per Januar 30th 2018, excl. VAT.
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