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What does Bridge Alert Management (BAM) mean for you?

BAM is coming…

From 30 August 2021, the EU Marine Equipment Directive (MED) requires compliance with the Bridge Alert Management (BAM) test standards IEC 62923-1 / IEC 62923-2 for new installation of GMDSS communication equipment’s placed on board SOLAS ships.

What is BAM?

BAM is a regulatory requirement, defined by the IMO, for the management, handling and harmonized presentation of alerts on the bridge. It imposes requirements on equipment that generates, manages and presents alerts on the bridge, including equipment that provides Central Alert Management (CAM) system functionalities (the latter is optional).

IEC 62923 specifies the operational and performance requirements, methods of testing, and required test results for BAM in support of IMO resolution MSC.302(87). It is applicable to all alerts presented on and transferred to the bridge.

BAM does not reduce alerts; instead, it prioritizes them and changes the way they are brought to the attention of bridge crew and officers. With BAM, alerts are classified and easier to identify as well as clearer to define who is responsible for handling them. It makes decision-making easier and enables the operator to immediately identify issues and take appropriate action to maintain safe operations.

*Note: While the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) approvals process is primarily for entry into the European market, certification requires that the product is compliant with relevant IMO resolutions. MED certificates are therefore widely accepted globally. BAM capable equipment without the appropriate certification either based on MED or another flag state approval is not in compliance with IMO requirements and cannot, therefore, be legally released onto the market.

How does BAM affect your business?
The following SAILOR products are affected in relation to compliance with IEC 62923-1 and IEC 62923-2 in support of IMO resolution MSC.302(87):

  • SAILOR 6110 mini-C (BAM is implemented and released)
  • SAILOR 63XX MF/HF DSC Class A – Series
  • SAILOR 639X Navtex
  • SAILOR 628X AIS.

Software updates for the products above are well under development and will be available in due time, prior to 30 August 2021. Tests in compliance with IEC 62923-1 / IEC 62923-2 will be carried out and Type approval certificates in accordance with this will be issued and available on our dealer site as soon as available.

Implementing BAM is a regulatory requirement for these products. It has to be available on all NEW equipment installed after 30 August 2021.


Accordingly, Cobham SATCOM will shortly introduce the successor of SAILOR 6222 VHF DSC Class A – the SAILOR 7222 VHF DSC Class A. In addition to representing the next generation of the long-lasting legacy of SAILOR VHFs, the new SAILOR Class A VHF will, of course, comply with and be certified to the BAM standards.

Further information on the new SAILOR 7222 VHF DSC Class A will follow in a separate note

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