Remote control of VHF and/or UHF via IP

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The RoIP system from TP Radio, is a IP based remote control of a two-way Radio system.

With the digitalized TCP/IP system, conventional components such as Audio Distributor System, Circuit Controller System, Command Console, Receiving Monitor Display are all unnecessary. All you need is Transceiver and a PC, speaker and Microphone. This means a lot easier maintenance and troubleshooting as well.

The system is a IP-network-based communication system (RTP protocol) that is controlled from a remote Operator PC. By using VCCS (Vessel Communication Control System) software, VHF & UHF voice communication equipment is integrated to a PC controlled by one operator.

Each remote PC can connect to any TP Radio ROIP Transceiver device in the established network. The system can easily be expanded by adding remote equipment and transceivers – both UHF and VHF combined if required. The software VCCS-software can be installed on a Windows® PC and from here it is possible to com­municate with any of the ROIP-radios installed in the ROIP-system.

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