NEW – SAILOR 800 VSAT Ku High Power

NEW – SAILOR 800 VSAT Ku High Power –
same size, more than three times the power

This latest edition to the SAILOR family enjoys the same reliable and powerful 20W BUC as the popular SAILOR 900 VSAT Ku High Power providing the benefits of a higher radiated power level (EIRP) and return link Internet speed.

Like all other SAILOR VSAT Ku antenna systems, the new SAILOR 800 High Power is ready for all global Ku band networks including HTS spot beams such as Intelsat EpicNG.


Every minute matters

All SAILOR VSAT Ku antenna are high-performance systems and share the same pioneering, cost-reducing electronics and software-controlled platform benefitting from:

  • Single cable from below deck to antenna – saving considerable time and money for cables and installation.
  • Automatic Azimuth Calibration – removing requirements to open the antenna to adjust for ship’s centreline, the antenna’s software takes care of that automatically.
  • Automatic Cable Calibration – eliminating need to bring a spectrum analyser on-board, a software function calibrates for the attenuation of the antenna cable.
  • NEW – Blocking Zone Mapping – unique software features enabling all SAILOR antennas to record and visualize the actual blocking zones on the vessel and helps adjusting blocking zones after the installation.
  • Dual Antenna Operation – two antennas, one VSAT modem – without the need for an extra expensive 19” rack mount unit.
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