New SAILOR 4065 EPIRB Series

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404065A-00500: SAILOR 4065 EPIRB Manual
404065B-00500: SAILOR 4065 EPIRB Float Free
404065C-00500: SAILOR 4065 EPIRB GNSS Manual
404065D-00500: SAILOR 4065 EPIRB GNSS Float Free

404065-950 SAILOR 4065 EPIRB Programming Pen

The old 404062A series are obsolete.

Please note the HRUs are new as well.

HRU 1: For the old type 4062B and D
HRU 2: For the new type 4065 B and D

Type approvals can be downloaded from our web site.

Please note EPIRBs are dangerous cargo.

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