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sailor_fleet77_stylet_72_dpiIn touch and online
Voice, fax, and data communications for both ocean-going and coastal vessels, delivered via a range of antenna sizes to suit different types of vessel.

Make phone calls,as well as access email and the internet using Mobile ISDN, or stay online all the time with the Mobile Packet Data Service (MPDS), where you only pay for the data sent and received.

Support all key vessel applications:

  • Telephony
  • Email, internet access
  • Weather and chart updates
  • Vessel tracking
  • Crew calling
  • Fax
  • Text

Fleet 33+

  • Global voice,fax, 9.6kbps circuit-switched data, MPDS.

Fleet 55+

  • Global voice, fax, 64kbps ISDN, MPDS.

Fleet 77+

  • Global voice, fax, 128kbps ISDN, MPDS, enhanced GMDSS safety features.

What is the difference between ISDN and MPDS?

  • ISDN is available over both Fleet 77 and 55. It delivers a constant data stream at speeds up to 128kbps and is best used for sending or receiving large files and images, voice communications, fax and videoconferencing.
  • The Mobile Packet Data Service (MPDS) is ideal where network transmissions are more frequent, less urgent or involve smaller amounts of data. Pay for the amount of data sent and received, not the time spent online, making it practical and cost-effective for email and web browsing. Available over Fleet 77+, 55+ and 33+.

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